Empties & Project Pan

Empties and Project Pan Feb 2019

Having a small, curated collection of makeup and skincare is something that appeals to me. I imagine the joy that is sparked by only having cosmetics that you enjoy wearing, that make you feel confident. To work towards my own curated cosmetics collection, I’m incorporating my own little project pan this year.

Finding my makeup style

I feel like I have reached an age where I’m more conscious of what I like and what kind of makeup products make me feel great. I’ve dabbled in makeup hypes and trends that were not working for me, but I felt pressured to enjoy because it’s the current look. Now that I’m a bit older, I realize that I really just enjoy a low maintenance, sheer, barely there makeup look. Most days, people won’t even realize I’m wearing makeup and that’s exactly how I like it.

Curate your makeup stash

To work towards a curated cosmetics collection that I would love 100%, I need to weed out what I’m loving less. I don’t want to end up with a pile of regret purchases in my search for the perfectly curated makeup stash. The idea is to use up what I have and only replace when I’ve emptied something. Of course, there are products where I’m less sure of what I like, brow products for example, and I’ll be less strict on my replace-only policy. I’m allowed to experiment but I need to avoid overconsumption.

Empties: what I’ve used up

Empties February 2019
Nameless brow pencil – Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm (red dahlia) – Rituals perfume (Eau d’Orient) – Revlon matte lipstick (Mauve it over) – Nyx soft matte lip cream (London) – Becca primer

I’ve been working on panning some products since december last year.
Since then I’ve finished:

  • Rituals perfume Eau d’Orient (mini size)
    For my 30th birthday, I bought myself four mini perfume bottles from Rituals. This one was my least favourite, so I wanted to finish it quickly rather than let it collect dust in my drawers. The scent is quite spicy, so it was perfect to use up around the Christmas period. Ritual perfumes don’t have the longest staying power and I have to say they empty quite quickly too.
  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia
    This tinted lip balm is right up my alley: it’s sheer, low maintenance and moisturizing. However, I’m not a big fan of the packaging as the lid gets dirty quickly due to the balm being so soft. Especially in summer, the balm can get goopy. I didn’t 100% finish this as for the last few millimetres, the applicator popped out of the container and got completely smushed and dirty when it fell.
  • Nameless Eyebrow pencil (Japan)
    I got this pencil during our Japan trip of last year. I didn’t realize how much I liked it now that I’m back to using my usual Sleek brow pencil, which is underperforming for me.
  • Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
    One of my favourite matte lip formula’s. It’s not as drying and uncomfortable as a liquid lipstick yet gives you those soft velvety looking lips. London is a nude, slightly brownish beige colour that I didn’t wear often. It was one of those colours that I had to be in the mood for. I probably won’t buy it again but I would like to try some other colours from this range.

And I had to get rid of:

  • Revlon matte lipstick in Mauve it over
    This is what actually triggered my want to curate my makeup collection. This has been my favourite your-lips-but-better lipstick and instead of enjoying it, I kept it in my drawer afraid to use it up because it’s rather hard to find (discontinued, even?). And now it has expired without me enjoying it to its fullest. Ah, regrets.
  • BECCA primer sample
    It had gone bad before I could use it. Mind you, I never use primers so this is probably a good sign that I shouldn’t spend my money on them.

Project Pan: What I want to use up

Project pan 2019
Anastasia Beverly Hills (Modern Renaissance) – Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector (Rosewood & Coral) – Kiko Milano tinted lip balm (Berry) – Rituals perfume (Victoire d’ambre)
  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm perfector (Rosewood and Coral)
    I bought these last year as a travel size tinted lipbalm option. Even though I enjoy the moisturizing formula, the packaging is rather cumbersome. The bullets are very thin, which makes application a bit tricky. And due to the thinnes, the bullet breaks easily and gets wiped out on the inside of the bullet. The Rosewood shade, which is my favourite, is almost done. It has broken of but I can still use it as long as I don’t push the bullet to far up. The Coral shade, I’ll probably pan in springtime.
  • Kiko tinted lip balm (Berry)
    One of my only Kiko purchases that I still own. This Italian budget brand reminds me a bit of Nyx in the sense that they both are budget brands and I tend to feel the urge to overspend in both their stores Yet there are but a few items that I end up really loving. This balm was just that for a while, it’s soft and moisturizing on the lips and has quite a colour payoff. However the colour is a bit one dimensional and I’ve moved on to other, prettier sheer berry lip products. I’m trying to use this one up to make space in my drawer.
  • Hourglass Ambient Surreal Light palette (blush and highlight)
    This thing is two years old now but I don’t feel like it has expired. Yet, I’m only planning to pan the lightest blush shade (top middle shade) and continue panning the highlight (bottom right). After that I will get rid of it as it is indeed quite old.
  • ABH Modern Renaissance
    Same as with the Revlon lipstick, I want to get as much use out if this palette before it irrevocably goes bad. ABH palettes have a shorter shelf life than other palettes and from what I’ve read it’s a bit hit or miss of how quickly yours will expire. Already, I’m noticing some shades are harder to work with. But I will be satisfied if I can at least pan some of the more nude shades such as Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange. Tempera already has a sizable pan showing.
  • Rituals perfume Victoire d’Ambre
    Another birthday present to myself. I want to use this one up before winter is over. It’s a lovely but heavy smell and wouldn’t suit me in spring or summer. I’ve received compliments wearing it, so I’ll be a little bit sad when it’s empty considering its limited edition and can’t be repurchased. But at least I will have enjoyed it to the fullest.

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