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Mount Fuji

We’ve reached the first quarter of the year, which means it’s time for a first recap of my Nine by Nineteen goals.

It’s already April and I haven’t found the time to look at my 2019 goals until now. I must admit that they have not been on my mind lately. Especially in March, I didn’t have a lot of time to keep up with my yearly goals. For one, there was our two week trip to Japan – photos will follow soon – and secondly, there were some unexpected changes at my workplace.

But let’s get on with the actual reason for this blog post:

How well did I do in Q1?

You can read my Nine by Nineteen goals here

Afternoon tea

I finished two bags of matcha. Admittedly, I only really finished one pack as I noticed the other one had gone stale. It was more gray than green and tasted too bitter to drink

I’m currently working on a bag of seaberry (or argousier in french) that was gifted to us. I feel quite indifferent to the flavour of this herbal tea and to be honest, I keep forgetting that I have it. Since it’s been more hectic than usual at work, I’ve been craving coffee in the afternoon to keep me afloat.

To make things worse, we have bought at least three more bags of tea in Japan. But you can’t leave the land of green tea without buying some. Or at least that’s our excuse.

Conclusion: One step forward, two steps back.

Analyse wardrobe

I’ve done an initial analysis of my wardrobe during wintertime and I’ve kept an outfit diary during the entire month of February. Currently, I’m improving my wardrobe with the conclusions made from my dataset and outfit diary.

There are still a couple of updates that I have to add to my dataset but apart from that, I’m on the right track. I’m pretty much waiting for warmer weather to start adding my spring/summer clothing to the dataset.

Conclusion: On the right track!

Keep capture

There were a couple of things that I did between January and March within this goal. For one, I started actively using my bullet journal again and I’ve shared my photos of the Horta & Wolfers exhibition.

Going to Japan proved to be a real boost too. Naturally, I took photos of our trip, but I’ve also kept a travel diary with notes and photos – something I want to continue doing on every holiday. What’s more, Japan has inspired me to open up my Instagram again! I even experimented with triptychs in my feed.

Conclusion: Well done me 🙂

One video

I did my utmost to get footage of each and every day in Japan. I still need to edit it into a video, which I will hopefully do soon. I want to follow some tutorials first and maybe check which video editing software is easy to use for beginners.
Conclusion: Intentions are set, I just need to follow through this time.

Learn to sew

I have done nothing for this goal. But that was to be expected.
Conclusion: N/A

Less phone, more books/movies

I’ve really played catch up with movies that I wanted to see. Some highlights were 2001: A Space Odyssey, Gone Girl, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy rich Asians and Er ist wieder da.
When it comes to series, I’ve enjoyed history inspired series such as Outlander and The last kingdom. I’m currently following the latest Star Trek series, I’m catching up on Doctor Who and just started season 2 of The OA (it’s finally here!). Here’s to hoping I can finish the latter before Game of Thrones starts.

To keep things low key, I’ve set myself the goal to read at least one book a month.That would mean three books but I’ve only read two: the Taschen book on Eames (might as well learn about interior design since we’re renovating) and Robin Hobb’s The Fitz and Fool trilogy (despite its size, an easy read since she’s my favourite fantasy author).
Unfortunately no book for March because I didn’t want to lugg a book around in Japan. I did have some e-books on my tablet but I did not even open them once. However, I have started reading Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker this month.

Conclusion: A slow start on books but good work on movies and series.

Wake up early

Unfortunately, I suffered from an eye infection in February, which made my eyes painfully drier than the Sahara desert, especially at night. Luckily, I was able to cure it with the right medication before going to Japan. But unfortunately travel equals to messing up your circadian rhythm. And we also had daylight saving time throwing a wrench in my goal.
Conclusion: The universe doesn’t want me to be well rested 🙁

Plastic free

For my birthday, I received a set of glass lunch containers which have been a great motivator to bring my own lunch to work (instead of getting a plastic wrapped sandwich at the lunch bar). I also bought a reusable water bottle from Dopper (I like this particular brand because the lid doubles as a drinking glass) and am still actively using a personal mug for coffee at work.

I was planning to get reusable cotton pads for makeup removal, but after my eye infection I’m having second thoughts. And then there’s also our Japan trip, which was anything but plastic-free.
Conclusion: Some improvements.

Minimize clutter

I’m still working on my project pan. I have hardly bought anything in January and February but, of course, March was a big expense month. I brought back quite some skincare and makeup from Japan (amongst other things) and to counter that, I’ve put myself on a no-buy for April. So far so good, yet the month has only started of course.

Conclusion: The jury’s still out. If I’m being quite strict with myself, I really shouldn’t have spend that much in Japan. But on the other hand, I didn’t make any crazy stupid purchases and I enjoy/will enjoy everything I bought to the fullest.

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