A blog update

A blog update

This blog has been up for about 4 months now and I’m slowly starting to find a way of blogging that works for me. There are undoubtedly still some things I’d like to change or do better, but these are some of the changes I have made or am going to make soon.

A new blog template

The wordpress theme I was using really started to bother me. Granted, it was a free theme so I shouldn’t be expecting the same behaviours as for a professional wordpress theme. But after a while there were some little design details (font styles, mobile design,…) that felt underdeveloped. The theme was rather simplistic than minimalistic, and I think that’s why I didn’t like it as much as I thought.

Now I finally found a wordpress theme that I love. The good thing is that it’s free but there is a payable premium version. Should I want to add more options in the future.

Removing Polylang

Writing and translating blog posts has proven to be too time consuming to me. Initially I wanted to write by blog in English and Dutch as it would be a good way to hone and practice my translation skills (translating is a big part of my day job).

On the other hand, I have come to realize that I’m also doing it out of fear of not being read. I once went to a blogmeet in my hometown and one thing that came up is that almost none of the Belgian bloggers present would read English written blogs. One even went as far as saying that she would even bother if a blog is in English. This shocked me a bit, as I’ve always blogged in English, and it made me believe that I really needed to blog in Dutch if I wanted to be read locally. In hindsight, I understand that not everyone at that blogmeet was my type of bloggers and I shouldn’t try to become something that I’m not.

I’m not going to stop writing in both languages completely. It’s just that I won’t be translating every blog post by default. Furthermore, I won’t be using the Polylang plugin (= multilingual plugin for WordPress) because it’s so incredibly time consuming to create every blog post twice for translation purposes. I believe I’d rather take the approach of Dutch blogger Zilverblauw, who writes translated summaries at the bottom of her blog posts.

English will remain the default blog language, it simply comes the most natural to me. But for the Belgium focused topics – like the renovation project, because it will involve Belgian legislation/construction rules –  I’ll try to make Dutch the main lingo with an English summary for the interested non-Belgians.

Sharing on Instagram

I haven’t really been public about my new blog to anyone because I wanted to test the waters a bit on my own. But since the biggest eyesore – my blog template – has been solved, I think I’m ready to be a bit more vocal about the blog. I’ll probably be sharing new blog activities via Instagram. I’m not that keen on Facebook and I feel that Instagram gives me more creative options to share blogposts. I might also share on LinkedIn, if the blog post is work-related and if I don’t forget to do so. Either way, let’s see where things go from here.

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