My wardrobe purchases from January to March 2019

Blue patterned scarf, gold rimmed glasses

With my wardrobe inventory completed, I was curious to have a good look at what I bought concerning my wardrobe this winter. Although my inventory tells me I only bought 3 new items, I know there are also some items that are not part of my tracked wardrobe. To get a better view of how my wardrobe has changed, I’ve made a short list of my wardrobe related purchases here.

What I bought between January and March 2019

I should note that, technically, these are my purchases of January and February. We spend the majority of March in Japan, where I mostly spend money on food, skincare and other things that don’t influence my wardrobe.

New purchases

  • Uniqlo skinny trousers (one blue, one black): One was a replacement for the worn out blue trousers. The other was because I realized that I was missing a pair of black skinny trousers in my wardrobe.
  • Uniqlo joggers (gray): I needed something comfortable for our flight to Japan. On longhaul flights, it’s important to me that I wear something loose and stretchy that I can sleep in. I already own one pair of joggers for this purpose but they are very thin, which is great if you’re flying to sunny locations. If the weather is potentially still quite winterlike, not so much.
  • Uniqlo HEATTECH long sleeve t-shirts(one blue, one black with a turtleneck): I’ve mentioned in my outfit diary that having some long sleeved shirts for layering would be a great basic to add to my wardrobe. I decided to buy two from the HEATTECH line since I already own one and was quite happy with it. They came in very handy during our trip to Japan, especially in snowy Hokkaido.

(Is it obvious that Uniqlo is possibly my most favourite store?)

The bad bargain

We have a proverb in Dutch: “Goedkoop is duurkoop”. This roughly translates to “buying cheap is expensive” and that’s exactly what happened with my next purchase. I wanted to buy a pair of sturdy shoes to hike in the snowy weather in Hokkaido. But since we were planning on doing maybe one or two walking trails, I didn’t want to shell out for proper walking shoes.

  • Tamaris snow boots (plum): In an attempt to not spend too much on shoes that I’m probably not going to use often, I bought a pair of sturdy boots of around €50 online. To break them in I wore them to work a couple of days and I tested them out on a walk in the woods. This is where I noticed that I made a horrible mistake. Even though the boots are sturdy and would undoubtedly keep my feet warm in winter weather, they were too uncomfortable and too heavy on the foot for long walks.
  • Meindl Durban lady gore-tex (navy blue): I did end up buying proper walking shoes in a sports shop for about €150. They required no breaking in and kept my feet comfortable. I also realize now, that my entire premise was wrong: I was focussing too much on cost per wear. These shoes will probably spend more time in my closet than out, but they are such a useful item to have around.

To get back to the proverb: I spend €50 more than I should have. Though it did teach me an important lesson about investing in proper gear, even if you’re not planning to use it much.

The necessities

  • New glasses (metal frame + glass): I’ve worn the same glasses for about three years so it was about time for a change. My old pair were the typical hipster thick black frames and I wanted something lighter this time. I was looking for a gold coloured metal frame, as I believe it suits my skin tone better than silver. I fell in love with this pair by the Japanese brand Kame ManNen. They were quite pricey, but I truly believe that eyewear is not something to skimp on.
  • Compression socks (one black pantyhose and one nude pair of kneehighs): These are not the type of compression socks that you sometimes see in sportswear but the medical type. I wear them to avoid deep venous thrombosis – I’ve had one in the past – and to avoid swollen legs. The kneehighs are usually enough for me, but the pantyhose are quite useful because I can wear them as regular pantyhose under a dress for example.

Considering most purchases were necessities or replacements, I’d say I did quite alright this winter season. I only had one regret purchase and although most items are on the pricier side, I know they are worth the money.

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