My complete wardrobe inventory

track my wardrobe: my full wardrobe inventory

Since we had a very warm Easter weekend here in Belgium, I took the opportunity to add all my spring/summer clothes to my data tracking set. In other words: I completely inventorised my wardrobe and I have a full view on what I own now.

My wardrobe inventory: the basic numbers

Now that my wardrobe is completely inventorised in a spreadsheet, I can finally churn out some basic stats about my wardrobe and answer some pressing questions like “Do I have too many clothes? And if yes, why do I feel like I have nothing to wear?”.

To start, I should tell you that I made a couple of changes to my inventory. For one, I removed longsleeved t-shirts. You can read why here. And I’ve put dresses in their own category, next to tops and bottoms. Initially, I lumped dresses in ‘tops’ because I thought I didn’t have that many. But once I went through my summer dresses, I had an inkling that this might not be the case.

Now, on to the actual stats:

How many clothes do I actually own?

I own a total of 100 pieces of clothing (alright, technically 107 with coats).


I have to say that I’m pretty happy with that amount. Actually, I was rather chuffed that it happened to be exactly 100 items. And although it’s nowhere near the idealised minimal wardrobe number of items, it’s still better than what I expected. I do feel like I could chafe of a few more items or replace less loved pieces with better fitting items.

How many clothes can I wear all year round?

My wardrobe contains 34 items that I can wear all year round. That’s about 30% of my wardrobe, which is a good number! However, most of my wardrobe consists of warm weather clothing. Which is a bit of a surprise to me, as spring and summer are usually the months where I struggle with what to wear.

SeasonNumber of clothes
All year34
Occasion wear6

Are there some surprising numbers?

I have 12 dresses: I have no idea how I got to that many dresses because I don’t particularly like wearing them. For a type of clothing item that I rarely wear, it’s strange that they are the third largest category of clothes I own (blouses and jumpers are the not so surprising first and second most owned category). I should probably look into my dresses and why I have them.

What’s next: finding my spring/summer style

Going through my spring/summer seasonals, I hardly felt any joy for the pieces I pulled out of the seasonal box. You can really tell that I bought most of these items in my twenties. However, I am in my thirties now and most of these clothes just feel too casual. I would really like to transform my spring/summer wardrobe in a more grown-up style that fits my current lifestyle and not that of a uni student.

Considering that I spend most of my time in an office environment, I would need clothes that are appropriate for work. Luckily, the dress code at my job is quite casual (hence, I never felt the need to adjust my summer outfits), but I do feel that the way you dress can influence how people view you. I’m aiming for a style between smart casual and business casual, with maybe some of my own quirks.

Since it was so helpful last time, I’m doing another outfit diary in May to figure out what I need to buy, restyle and replace.

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