Editing video on iPad with Lumafusion

Lumafusion video editing software on iPad with Apple Pencil

I always thought that video editing is best done on a laptop or computer. However, tablets have become so powerful lately, that I gave video editing on my iPad a go. Once I found Lumafusion, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to edit videos on iPad.

Creating my 1 second a day video

I’ve always been interested in shooting my own videos but I simply never got to it. The whole process seemed a little too daunting and required just that little bit too much effort. To hold myself accountable, I’ve given myself the goal to create and share one short video this year. To make sure I succeed, I’ve given myself the lowest threshold to meet my goal: create a video diary of our Japan trip by recording at least one second per day.

Finding the best video editing app for me

I succeeded in getting footage from almost every day we spend in Japan. But now comes the tricky part: the editing. And right of the bat, I struggled with importing my footage in Premiere on my laptop.

I choose Adobe Premiere because it’s the programme I’m most familiar with. And I also have it installed as part of my Adobe bundle. Unfortunately, there is an issue with importing iPhone 8 footage to Premiere. Which means that I had to look for other video editing software.

Video editing apps for iPad

After doing some research, I realized that there are quite some video editing apps available for iPad. The idea of editing video on my iPad really appealed to me. For one it’s less daunting for beginners, and price-wise it’s also cheaper than buying Final Cut Pro, for example.

iMovie vs. Lumafusion

I’ve tried iMovie before, but I felt that it was just too basic and I simply don’t find it very intuitive to use. I’m certain you can make high quality videos in iMovie, but I wanted something similar to Premiere or Final Cut’s interface, as that’s what I’m most familiar with. Looking for the best video editing app for the iPad, I found that Lumafusion is the happy medium. It has enough pro features to makes it popular with both professionals and hobbyists. And the price tag is also very reasonable (€21.99 on the app store). I’d say, if you don’t like the interface of iMovie and want to do more with your video than the basics, Lumafusion is worth trying.

Editing with Lumafusion

I really enjoyed editing my video in Lumafusion. After all the frustrations of trying to import my iPhone footage in Premiere, it was such a relief to see how easily this was in Lumafusion. The interface is very intuitive, especially if you’re familiar with Premiere or Final Cut. There are some instances where I had trouble finding something, like how to fade out audio. Luckily, Lumafusion is a popular programme among videographers, which means there are a large number of helpful tutorials and forums.

Exporting your video is also easy to do. Lumafusion also has some build-in options, like exporting for YouTube, Vimeo or to your network drive. I exported my video to both Dropbox and our household shared network drive (Synology) with ease.

screenshot of Lumafusion on iPad Pro 2016

Video editing with Lumafusion on iPad Pro (2016)

Something important to consider when purchasing a video editing app for the iPad, is the model that you have. I have the 2016 edition of the iPad Pro, so it’s not the fastest model of the bunch anymore. Despite being an ‘older’ iPad model (of which the screen is also broken, hence the screen protector and the washi tape on the corner), Lumafusion ran surprisingly smooth, even with my footage in 4k and 60fps. And when I needed some feedback from Bart by screen mirroring Lumafusion on our TV, I experienced no lagging issues either.

I should also note that I didn’t use an Apple Pencil. Though I do think it can come in quite handy. There were some instances where I clicked on or dragged the wrong item, even with my tiny lady hands. Of course, you can always zoom in and make your edits. But for my way of working, I find that a bit cumbersome. Either way, you don’t need an Apple Pencil to edit video with Lumafusion but if you happen to own one, it can come in handy.

Is Lumafusion worth it?

I would say that if you want more functionalities than what basic free video editing apps have to offer, Lumafusion is a great and relatively inexpensive app to purchase. If you want to turn filmmaking into more than a hobby but lack the funds for the professional standards (Premiere, Avid, Final Cut,…) than Lumafusion is really a great intermediate solution that is even being used by professional YouTubers and film journalists.

My one second a day video of Japan

But the one thing that makes me love Lumafusion so much, is that it’s helped me to reach one of my goals for this year: creating and sharing at least one video.

Of course, the video it’s not perfect but I’m quite proud of myself for doing more than simply cutting and pasting one second clips.

If you want to see my one second a day video diary of Japan, you can watch it here:

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