Weekly notes #1

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To keep some consistency in posting on the blog, I’ll be sharing weekly notes. They’re part diary and part link sharing. I want to reflect on what I’ve learned or accomplished in the past week. Additionally, I want to share some interesting content I’ve come across and that might be of interest for you.

My aim is to post these notes each Monday or at least as many Mondays a possible.

This first weekly note is more of a two-weekly note because I’ve been thinking about writing this recurring blog series for a while (I got a final push from Bart – who is also doing weekly notes on his blog). Hence the Game of Thrones references.

  • Podcast
    • De Bourgondiërs met Bart van Loo (Belgian Dutch): I love listening to podcasts when I’m doing the more brainless tasks of my day job. Usually, I’ll listen to an English spoken podcast because most Dutch spoken podcast simply don’t appeal to me. But when I found this podcast, I was instantly in love. If you like history, this podcast is a real gem. Bart van Loo, a Belgian writer and a master storyteller, transports you to Flanders in the Middle Ages. Starting at the marriage of Philip the Bold, duke of Burgundy, with Margaret III, countess of Flanders.
  • Content marketing
  • Game of thrones
    • Speaking of Game of Thrones, if the ending was as bad to you as to me. I found a slither of comfort in the following alternative ending .
  • Track my wardrobe
    • With my outfit diary of May almost completed, I made a short list of what I need and want to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. On Saturday, I went shopping and for the first time in a long while, I really went shopping. I tried on new things and focused on enjoying myself. I’ve been so busy with clothes I rationally need, that I forgot that fashion should also be about fun.
    • On a second note, I understand now that I do not have the budget for a wardrobe full of sustainable brands. Haul and thoughts on budget and sustainable fashion brands coming soon.
  • Book
    • An Edited Life by Anna Newton: Speaking of budgeting, I started budgeting after reading An Edited Life by lifestyle blogger Anna Newton. Blogger books tend to be quite trivial or unrelatable, but I found Anna’s book exceptionally practical and helpful for everyday life. The budgeting chapter really helped me to get started on budgeting. I’m in my third month now and I LOVE it! I just love how I’m able to see what I’ve spend on what. And It’s giving me an extra boost to push myself to save up more for the upcoming house renovation. I’m feeling like a proper adult now!
  • Documentary
    • Refinery29’s short on the dangers of wearing make-up in North Korea taught me that liking beauty products isn’t vain. For some it’s about feeling better or even a form or resistance to a society that wants to strip you from your individuality.  
Podcast De Bourgondiërs met Bart Van Loo on iPhone

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