Weekly notes #2

June 2019 bullet journal cover

Thursday was a bank holiday in Belgium. So I decided to also take Friday off and have a long weekend. It’s been a very busy yet invigorating 4 days off. It looks like summer is really just around the corner and the nice weather motivated us to go out and do things instead of staying in. Suffice to say, I have quite some stuff to share in my weekly notes #2.

  • Time Management
    • We’re attempting to use time boxing as a time managment tool at work. Our task list keeps increasing and time boxing might help us keep tabs on all our deadlines and make content requestors aware of our planning.
    • Since we’re already using Trello in our department, we’ve looked into power-ups such as Teamgantt and Planyway
  • Conscious consumerism
  • Music
    • On Friday, a friend of ours was playing with one of his bands at our local concert hall, Het Depot. Since it was nearby, we went to have a look even though we didn’t know what to expect. Turns out that one of the band members is a member of The Neon Judgement, one of the pioneering bands of the 1980’s industrial electronics genre (more specifically called EBM). The new band is called Neon Electronics.
  • Bullet journal
    • I’ve been neglecting my bullet journal for weeks. To get back on track, I took my bullet journal and some brush pens to my favourite coffee bar. I find that bringing tasks like this outside of the house, pushes me to really stick to it. Usually, I’d try to illustrate or create something with washi tape as the month cover. But this time I was inspired to photograph my June cover, which you can also see at the featured photo of this weekly note.
  • Film photography
    • If I’ve neglected my bullet journal, I’ve done even worse with photography. I’ve been quite unmotivated and uninspired lately. But a video by Jamie Windsor on Why Digital Photographers Should Use Film, reminded me to dust off the old film camera. We spend all of Saturday exploring Brussels and because it was such good weather, I decided to test out my one roll of Kodak Ektar 100. Since I heard many great things about this particular film and was keeping it for the right occasion. I ended up shooting 30 out of 36 exposures.
Instagram stories - Film photography
Screenshot from my Instagram stories on Saturday
  • Photography
    • Speaking of photography, I finally tried DIY’ing my own photo background! Last year I bought a pot of decorative concrete paste with the intent to create a concrete textured photography backdrop on a piece of foamboard. I just never got around to actually making it until now. It’s a super-easy process: you paint the paste on a flat surface, like you would do with any paint, and let it dry. Presto! DIdn’t know why it took me so long.
  • Jewellery making
    • When I went shopping, I saw many earring styles (a simple small hoop with a drop bead attached, similar to these) that I could easily make myself. I attempted to make the wire part but realised it would take me too long to harden the wire until it’s not too flexible anymore. If that makes sense. I’m considering buying that part from a craft store and adding my own drop beads. Jewellery making to be continued…

I do have to say, this week was incredibly productive! This long weekend was exactly what I needed to unwind and do more of the things that bring me joy. I enjoyed spending time outside and getting back in touch with my hobbies.

Test shot with my new DIY concrete texture backdrop

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