Weekly notes #3

Weekly notes 3 - Muji jewellery storage taken with 100mm samyang lens Fujifilm xt-20

It’s been a slow week. I’ve been a bit under the weather and am feeling low on energy.

  • Read: Being environmentally conscious is harder than it seems. It’s not a bad vs good, black vs white story. Moralfibres.co.uk wrote about why plastic free isn’t always better for the environment.
  • Documentary: I’ve been really enjoying learning about the Plantagenets kings of England (even if the title of the documentary is kind of riding on the Game of Thrones hype)
  • Music: I’ve been enjoying listening to Woodkid again. In particular the album Woodkid for nicolas ghesquière – Louis Vuitton Works One
    • Especially ‘On then and now’ with the dialogue fragments
  • New purchases:
    • I bought myself a Muji jewellery storage box. I previously had a jewellery stand, and prone to dust and dirt. I much prefer this clear case style.
    • I also bit the bullet and bought the Samyang 100mm lens for my Fujifilm XT-20. A macro lens requires a different way of thinking, which means I get to learn a new photography skill. The manual focus does take some getting used to. All pictures in this post have been taken with this lens.
  • Food: I made my own elderberry syrup. The process is quite easy: Cover the elderberry blossoms with water overnight, sieve the water and boil it together with equal parts sugar (or more, depending on your sweet tooth) and the juice of a lemon. Store in the fridge.
Example of photo taken with 100mm Samyang  macro lens on Fujifilm XT-20
Example of photo paint brush taken with 100mm Samyang macro lens on Fujifilm XT-20

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