Weekly notes #4

Shower room of THE LOFT Brussels Airlines lounge

This week I took an extra long weekend to focus on our upcoming house renovation. So most of my energy went towards this, though a couple of interesting things have happened this week as well.

  • Work related: Our flagship lounge, THE LOFT by Brussels Airlines and Lexus, has won the World Travel Awards for Europe’s leading airport lounge. I’ve witnessed the level of service and thoughtfulness that our lounge hosts give to our guests when I went to take some photos of the shower and nap rooms for our product page (see cover photo of this note). I can definitely say that the award is well deserved, in my opinion. A big congrats to everyone involved!
  • Renovation: We’re still in the preparation phase, which has been slow due to work schedules and whatnot. To get things moving, I took Thursday and Friday off to focus on the renovation. We visited a couple of shops and requested quotes for windows, since we’re pretty sure of what we want for the latter. Admittedly, we got a whole lot less done than expected, but still, it’s progress.
  • E3 2019: I’m not a huge gamer, so I only followed this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo a little bit. Mostly to see which games I won’t have time to play like Hollow Knight: Silksong, Cadence of Hyrule and Elden Ring.
  • Movies: I hardly ever get excited about movie releases anymore, but I have to say that the sequel to The Shining, called Doctor Sleep, has me intrigued.

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