Weekly notes #5

Denim blue dress by Zara made from lyocell

This week felt quite productive on the home front. We’ve started to get some price quotes for the renovation and we’re more clear on what we want and need to look for. This has lifted quite some stress from my shoulders, as I feel that things are starting to become more concrete and we’re no longer in renovation limbo.

This has had a positive impact on other areas in my life too. I feel more motivated to do stuff and to get back into learning new things.


Matt Day posted an interesting video on finding photography inspiration. The main point is that curating what you see can vastly help you in finding the right kind of inspiration for your photography.

This video has pushed me to review my Instagram feed. I’ve unfollowed accounts that no longer resonate with me, followed new accounts and I’ve muted friends & famile (sorry!!!) that I still want to follow but whose posts won’t inspire me photographically.

Matt’s video has made me think about using my social media in a more mindful way. I’m going to try to spend less time on Facebook and more time on LinkedIn, for example. As I find that on the latter there are more interesting articles being shared.

A book apart

I’ve started reading Content Strategy for Mobile in the A Book Apart series. This series is a must read for anyone in the digital field. And to my shame I just never really got around to reading them. They might seem outdated (Content Strategy for Mobile was published in 2012) but the basic principles in these books remain relevant.

Track my wardrobe

The weather has warmed up and I finally got to wear some of my new wardrobe pieces. The denim dress got lots of compliments and is comfortable for hot weather. However, I still need to get used to wearing a long skirt as the extra fabric around my legs makes it hard for me to speedwalk to the train station every morning. (Yes, I realize that I could just leave the house earlier…)

I bought 2 t-shirt at Zara. My outfit diary made it clear that I’m missing some staple tops that are work friendly.  The 2 t-shirts I bought are in neutral colors (beige and grey) so that I could pair them with almost anything.

I’m testing out Vinted, which is an app for second hand clothing. Other second hand apps were not a success to me but Vinted looks promising. I’ve purchased 2 items, once I’ve received them I’ll probably post a review of Vinted.

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