Yearly goals recap #2 | Nine by nineteen

We’re halfway through the year, which means it’s time to look back at my goals for 2019. It feels like much has changed and yet nothing at all. I must admit that my goals have moved a bit to the back of my mind. There’s just been so much going on lately, both in my private and personal life, that it’s hard to mindfully work around my Nine by Nineteen goals.

Nine by Nineteen: how did I do for Q2?

You can read my Nine by Nineteen goals here and my recap of Q1 here

Afternoon tea

This has gone way, waaaay to the back of my mind. My afternoon caffeine habits have kicked in again, resulting in me not drinking tea at all. I partly blame the last herbal tea that I tried to finish. I can’t even remember what it was, something with seaberry and citrus, but I remember that I really did not care for it at all. So after weeks of having it sit at my desk, I just got rid of it… And after that I didn’t bring any other tea to work.

Conclusion: Must do better. Maybe bring a tea you actually to work this time?

Track my wardrobe

I did another wardrobe outfit month which concluded in some deliberate additions to the wardrobe. Additionally, I’ve made the decision to not go for 100% ethical brands due to budget reasons. However, I’m looking into more second hand alternatives such as swapping and second hand apps. 

As to making use of my inventory, I must admit that I’m slacking. I still need to update my dataset with the new additions (and remove donated/swapped items). There are some other ideas concerning my inventory data, but I’ve been procrastinating on the whole data analysis part. 

Conclusion: On the right track! But stop procrastinating.

Keep capture

For the first time this year, I pulled out my film camera! I’ve been waiting for a nice, sunny day to try out a roll of  35mm Kodak Ektar. I’ve never tried Ektar before but I hear it’s a favourite among film photographers. Unfortunately, I still have 6 exposures left, so development is going to have to wait. 

In more digital camera news, I bought a new lens! I finally bit the bullet and got myself a macro lens for my mirrorless Fujifilm. I bought the more budget friendly Samyang 100mm over the highly rated (read:expensive) Fujinon macro lens. I’m still getting the hang of the manual focus (and the weight!) but I’m hoping to use it more soon.

Instagram-wise, I’ve been very off the grid. I wasn’t very motivated to share photos but since following Matt Day’s advice on content consumption, I’m hoping this will change soon.

Conclusion: On the right track!

One video

I did it! I edited and shared my video of our trip to Japan!
You can see the video here or on Youtube. I’m hoping to make some more videos but at the moment I’m lacking time. 

Conclusion: DONE! 🙂

Learn to sew

I have done nothing for this goal. But that was to be expected.
Conclusion: N/A

Less phone, more books/movies

Oh I have been slacking like crazy on this…
Part of it is due to feeling demotivated for the majority of Q2. I’ve been spending most of my free time laying on the couch and scrolling aimlessly through my phone. 

Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to get out of this rut lately. I’ve binge-watched The Sinner and The Umbrella Academy. Movie-wise, I can only remember seeing Into the Spiderverse. I’ve also gotten into historical documentaries and podcasts, as stated in my Weekly Notes.

I’ve been trying to get back on the reading game by trying to finish A Book Apart’s Content Strategy for Mobile this month. And I’m trying to finish a book about renovations and have been reading plenty of renovation and interior magazines. I’m also hoping to get back into fiction soon.

Conclusion: Attempting to get back on the horse.

Wake up early

With the demotivation of this quarter, I’ve been focusing on getting enough sleep instead of waking up early. I am getting up earlier this month but that’s mostly a natural consequence of the early sunrise this season.

Conclusion: Hasn’t been a priority, really. 

Plastic free

Admittedly, I haven’t been doing much on the plastic free front. I’ve been keeping up with what I already did such as using a mug instead of paper cups, using my Dopper water bottle, avoiding single-use plastic when groceries shopping,… Some things I have been considering, but haven’t acted on yet: alternative to plastic Q-tips, shampoo bars or other shampoo alternatives, cotton nets for fruit and veggies at the grocery shop, …

Conclusion: I need to be more active.

Minimize clutter

This has been getting all my attention in the past few months. Since we might start actually renovating in the coming months, I’m looking at all the stuff we don’t need and can get rid of before our house turns into a construction site. The less stuff you have, the less you’ll need to move out of the way. I’ve donated some books, Marie Kondo’ed most of our rooms, but most of all: we cleared out the attic! There’s still some old furniture that needs to be picked up by our local thrift store and some old junk that needs to go to the recycling park. But most of it has been cleared out. There are still some areas of the house that need clearing but it already feels a lot nicer with less rubble.

Conclusion: Right on track.

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