Weekly notes #6

Last week was quite eventful, hence my late upload of this weekly note. Work-wise there was a big change, we’ve experienced our first heatwave of the season, and we visited the in-laws for the weekend.

  • Work related: A huge decision was taken at the company I work for.
  • Gaming: Since I don’t have a gaming pc anymore, and I only rarely still game on the Switch even, I never had the chance to try Enderal. This total conversion mod of Skyrim is a whole new game in itself and from what I hear the storytelling is on par with professionally developed games. To scratch my gaming itch, I’ve been following Grohlvana’s Let’s Play Enderal: Forgotten Stories on Youtube. The storyline is very well done and I must say that the main characters are more fleshed out than in Skyrim itself. 
  • Home renovation: We’re looking into cork flooring for our house. What drew us to cork is mostly its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. But we didn’t know that it’s also a sustainable material: https://deardesigner.co.uk/portugal-cork-flooring-and-sustainability/ 
  • Skincare: Due to the heatwave, I’ve been reading up on SPF and sunscreen: https://www.honestyforyourskin.co.uk/spf-sunscreen/ 
  • Photography: I saw an interesting video of Jamie Windsor his difficult relationship with Instagram and why it matters how we our audience gets to see your work.   
  • Photography: I took my macro lens with me to the in-laws because they have a nice big garden for me to practice my macro shots. I only took a few shots due to the unbearable heat but I have a couple of nice shots. I’m getting a bit better at focussing manually though I do think I’ll have to look up how to set up focus peaking on my Fujifilm. 

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