Weekly notes #7

Budapest basilica of st stephen

The past two weekends were really busy. I didn’t even post a weekly note two Mondays ago and this weekly note is only going up on Tuesday now. This is what we’ve been up to in the past two weeks:

New Blogpost: Two weekends ago, we went to the MAS museum in Antwerp for an exhibition about Le Corbusier and urban planning. You can read all about it here.

Netflix: I watched the second season of Dark. I enjoyed the first season but with the whole time travel conundrum I had a hard time remembering who was who and where in which time. Nevertheless, the show had me on the tip of my seat again and I can’t wait for season 3. By the way, the casting for the show is really well done. I didn’t even realize that senior Ulrich is a different actor than adult Ulrich! I assumed it was the same actor with face prosthetics and a wig. 

Read: I read an interesting article on empathic design:   https://theblog.adobe.com/why-i-dont-believe-in-empathic-design-don-norman/ 

Budapest: Last weekend, we went on a city trip to Budapest. We really enjoyed our stay in the Hungarian capital and a small blog post might be coming soon. You can see some quick photo edits on this weekly note, which I made on my iPad during the flight back home. I also shot some video material so there might also be a short video coming soon.

budapest - heroes square

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