Weekly notes #9

St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest

My weekly note has become more of a tri-weekly note. July’s heatwave weeks made it impossible to do anything. And last week was another busy week with renovation plans and trying to get back into the groove of things post-heatwave.

About the heatwave

We’ve broken the last ‘old’ heat record standing in Belgium. Temperatures reached 40°C, our attic even went up to 42°C. Can’t wait for that insulation though…

Cooling leg patches:
My post-thrombosis leg really suffered from the heat and deepened the love-hate relationship that I have with my compression socks. Wearing them in this heat is unbearable but not wearing them is even worse. I did find some solace in these leg cooling patches from Japan. The cooling sensation of these patches dulled down the soreness of my leg at night. 

Video and photo editing

  • I finally finished my video diary of Budapest! I can’t believe I really made more than one video this year. I have learned so much in making this video, even if my skills are still very rough. I’ll try to make a post on what I learned and tried to practice for this video, but for now you can see the video here:
  • I still need to edit my Budapest photos. I did edit some of them on my iPad. You can see them on my Instagram. The rest will hopefully follow this week.


  • Captain Marvel was finally available to rent on the Apple TV. I like that Captain Marvel is less flashy and bombastic than the other Marvel movies,which was kind of refreshing for a change. The soundtrack also really reminded me of my teenage years, I was very much into the girl-in-rockband vibe back then.
  • I finally saw Crimson Peak. This gothic-style movie is right up my alley and I don’t know why I never saw it. Probably because it was marketed as a horror movie, which it isn’t. Like Mia Waskikowska’s character said: It’s not a ghost story, it’s just a story that happens to have a ghost in it. I LOVED every second of this movie. The set, the costume design, the characters, everything was just dramatically Victorian in the most perfect way possible. It’s a classic gothic tale.
  • We noticed that Dunkirk is on Netflix now and we decided to watch it before it’s gone. I’m usually not a big fan of war movies but if there’s anyone who can make me watch a movie genre I typically don’t like, it has to be Christopher Nolan. I don’t think I need to mention that this was another cinematic masterpiece.


  • Attic: Our Velux roof windows have been installed! This is the first step in our house renovation and it already makes such a difference. With all that daylight flooding in, we can finally see how large this space really is. Our next step would be to insulate the roof, which we can hopefully start doing soon.
  • Kitchen: we’ve decided on the type of kitchen we want and have had a first price quotation made. So far so good, it looks like our dream kitchen will be within our budget. 
  • Bathroom: in contrast to the kitchen, it looks like we still have some decisions to make on the bathroom. Looks like bathtubs and walk-in showers are more costly than we originally anticipated. There’s still some further research to do on our end.

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