Weekly notes #10

Another bi-weekly note. I’m not going to repeat my I’ve-been-busy schtick as I have an inkling that this will happen quite often. Let’s just get to what I’ve been up to in the past weeks. 


  • Having been to Japan twice, we LOVE okonomiyaki and Bart enjoys occasionally making his own version. Which is as close as one can get outside of Japan. We had some friends over to share our love for Japan’s cuisine. We’re using the okonomiyaki recipe of Binging with Babish:


  • We went to look at bathrooms during weekend 1. The showroom we went to was a closer to our style and budget than the first one we visited. Though when talking to the saleswoman, we realize there are still some structural things to discuss with our architect concerning the shower. 
  • Our okonomiyaki guests have recently built their own house and of course the main subject became our upcoming renovation. Talking about their experience gave us a better view on the type of ventilation system we would install. Though we’ll probably go around their place to have a look.

Wardrobe data:

  • I finally add all my clothes in Airtable! With the exception of winter clothes as those are still stored in a separate box. I can finally make use of the more user friendly features of Airtable compared to a spreadsheet.  


  • I finally wrote a ‘real’ blogpost again! You can find my notes and thoughts about editing my Budapest video diary here.
  • I’m hoping to also find some time this week to post my photos of Budapest.


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