My goals for 2020

Growing plants at Barbican Centre, London

With 2019 out of the door, it’s time to set my goals for 2020. Over the years I’ve tried many different intention setting methods for the upcoming year. This year, I want to keep things simple. In the last months of 2019, I felt a need to cut through the fluff and getting straight to what needs to be done. 

This year, I won’t be faffing about with a theme or a word of the year. I’m going to keep my goals simple and, hopefully, achievable.

In 2020 I want to:

1. Shoot 1 film roll per month

My love for film photography rekindled at the end of 2019. I know that regularly picking up the old Mamiya improves my photography skills, but I never quite pushed myself to keep at it. I want to challenge myself to shoot one film roll per month and see if it makes me a better photographer.

It also gives me low key permission to buy and test out some film stocks that I haven’t tried before. 

Additionally, I’ve learned there is a film photography course in my local art school. I’m not 100% sure if I’d like to follow it, since picking up a course after work hours can be very tiring. I still have until September to decide.

2. Consume content in a mindful manner

This one is similar to the 2019 goal. Only this time I’m making my goal more tangible by focussing on the media I want to consume and not making my phone the boogeyman.

I still have plenty of unread books on my shelves. To encourage myself to finally read them, I’ve set up a separate reading list page. I’ll be keeping track there on which books I’ve read/quit/added over the course of 2020. The ultimate goal would be to become a library visitor again, but that’s more tied into my next goal. 

As to audiovisual content consumption, I’m planning to cull my subscription list on Youtube and maybe create another movie/tv series list to watch. I’m not going to focus too hard on the audiovisual media, I really want to encourage myself to read more.

3. Declutter my life

Even though I’ve kept my house purchases to a minimum last year, I still feel like we have too much stuff. Especially considering we will be renovating our house.

The less stuff we have, the less we need to move around, store away or cover up during renovations.

I’m not sure yet how I’ll be making this goal tangible. I’m thinking of noting down each week what I’ve decluttered or re-organised to keep myself motivated throughout the year. I’m thinking of a weekly log per room, though I’m not quite sure. Maybe a monthly log would be more realistic?

As a subgoal of decluttering, I’ll continue analyzing my wardrobe. I feel like last year I didn’t really do much with my wardrobe data, even though I feel like I’ve gone through a mindset shift, I really want to work more actively on it this year. It will definitely help with curating my wardrobe and keeping closet space manageable.

4. Learn Python

I’ve learned the basics of Python last year and I want to keep working on this too. There’s a logic to programming that I really like and I enjoy the problem solving aspect of it as well. This year, I want to finish a course on automating tasks with Python and maybe dip my toe in processing data with Python.

It’s certainly a useful skill to have and something I could potentially use professionally.

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