Project pan 2020

In last year’s project pan, I was able to get rid or use up quite some items that I didn’t want in my makeup and skincare collection. Thanks to last year, I’m starting off 2020 with a collection that’s a bit more curated in some spaces but expanded in other places. 

This year, my project pan will focus more on using up products I love than trying to get rid of items I simply don’t want to own anymore. Of course, there are some ‘hate pans’ in there (a.k.a. Things I’ve started disliking but I don’t want to be wasteful and throw them away.)

What’s in my project pan?

The ‘hate’ pans

These are the products I don’t like and want to finish up soon:

Chanel – Rouge Coco Flash in Boy (bought 2019)

I bought this one because I already own a Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in the colour Noir Moderne, which I absolutely love. Coco Rouge Flash is the new formulation of Coco Rouge Shine. It’s a bit more moisturizing and feels more slick on the lips that its predecessor. Something which I don’t mind (I don’t find it better or worse). I wanted to get the colour Boy because it’s touted as one of those iconic ‘looks good on everyone’ colours. But alas, on me it’s actually too pale. Luckily, it’s a sheer formula so I’m pretty sure I can finish it quite fast if I use it as a sort of lip balm. 

Laura Mercier – Tinted moisturizer in Nude 2N1 (bought 2019)

I basically bought the wrong colour for me. It’s a little too warm toned so I don’t feel comfortable wearing it to work but for weekends in I’m perfectly fine using this up. Formula-wise I do like it though.

We’re going on holiday soon and I’m considering bringing this one with me as it might look better on me once I’ve had a bit of sunshine. Hopefully I might be able to use this a lot more there.

The ‘time to go’ pans

These are the products I love but that I’ve had long enough in my collection that I need to finish them before they go bad:

Lipstick Queen – Medieval Queen (bought 2016)

This used to be a favourite of mine for such a long time. It’s the perfect red for those who are afraid to wear read. Basically, it’s a sheer your-lips-but-redder type of lipstick. I hardly used it in the past few years due to newer, shinier things popping up in my collection. But if I ask myself which lipstick I’d want to really finish and enjoy until the end, it would be this one.

I’m about halfway or so. There’s about 2cm left in the tube.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette (bought 2018)

I think this was my first luxury eyeshadow palette ever. I’d say Youtube made me buy it and I still love it to this day. Admittedly, I was a bit afraid that I’d never use it because it’s the first colourful palette I ever bought. But I’m surprised at how versatile and easy to use it is. It’s by far my most used palette.

ABH eyeshadows are notorious for going bad faster than other brands. Luckily, mine is still performing quite well. It takes a bit more blending and the colours aren’t as bright as before, but it’s still in pretty good condition. But I’m kind of afraid it won’t be long before I won’t be able to use it anymore so I’m trying to pan as much of the palette as I can this year.

Regular pans

These items I just want to empty up:

Urban Decay – Naked Skin concealer in Light Neutral (travel size) (bought 2019)

I got a travel size to test this concealer out. I feel pretty neutral about it, it doesn’t do anything better or worse than my other concealers. Since I’m going on holiday soon, I’m curious to see how much I can use up. I’d say the colour is just slightly too light for my undereye circles but it’s enough to make me look like I’ve had at least a few hours of sleep.

Garnier – Botanic skin cleansing milk with rose water (gifted in 2018?)

I got this from Bart’s aunt who found it irritated her skin. Since I don’t have sensitive skin so I was happy to take it over. There’s no particular reason to finish this other than I want to declutter my skincare shelf. I mostly use this for lazy days or when I’m too tired to double cleanse.

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