Hello and welcome to my blog

My name is Kristien and I’m a thirty-something located in Belgium. I’ve recently decided to switch careers and learn how to code.

I used to work in digital content but in the past few years, I felt that copywriting was no longer something I enjoyed doing. I’ve always been interested in the more ‘techy’ side of my job and have been learning to code as a hobby.

When my previous employer underwent a substantial restructuring due to COVID-19, I saw it as my sign to finally make that career switch.

A few months later, I got accepted to the web developer program at VDAB.

And so I decided to log in to my blog, which has been dormant through 2020 for obvious reasons, and document my coding journey.

I’m still working on updating the blog and I may or may not write about other topics too, so please bear with… some new posts are coming soon