Learncation Resources

Hi there! On this page you’ll find the resources I use for my Learncation challenge on Instagram.


I followed a Youtube video: Become an Excel Wizard With Python

This is a recorded live demo of the Python library ‘openpyxl’ at IndyPy 2018 by Al Sweigart.

Note: an older version of openpyxl is being used. If you want to code along and notice code is deprecated, use the openpyxl documentation to find what's changed.

Additional resources:

I followed a Youtube video: Complete Python Pandas Data Science Tutorial

A practical lesson on using Pandas for beginners by Keith Galli. Bonus points for using Pokemon as sample data

Will continue following this course on Day 2

Day 2

I read a book: The Camera by Ansel Adams

Couldn’t continue the Pandas tutorial due to a migraine. Once the migraine subsided, I read this book.

The Camera is part of a series on photography by renowned American photographer Ansel Adams.
The book itself is a bit dry and reads like a schoolbook. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read if you’re into film cameras. If you only shoot digital and have no interest in the history of the camera, I’d skip this one.

The book itself contains basic tips that all photographers should now (e.g. how to avoid camera shake, properly setting up your tripod,…) but that you have undoubtedly heard elsewhere already. Though I’m guessing Adams’ book might be the actual originator of those tips.

Day 3

I continued following a Youtube video: Complete Python Pandas Data Science Tutorial

A great first look at Pandas. This tutorial gives you the basics to get started with Pandas and data processing. By using a Pokemon datasheet, it makes the actual data more relatable (I find it hard to relate to dummy sample data like fake sales data from an imaginary company).

I feel like I can now extract basic information out of a dataset and feel motivated to practice with some datasets of my own.

Additional resources: