My 2020 reading list

2020 books to read

This is a list of books that have been sitting in my bookcase unread. I want to finish reading these by the end of 2020.

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Bought or gifted: Bought. I think I bought it at a book fair

Why haven’t I read it yet? There’s a bookmark as evidence that I tried to read it once before. Not sure why I stopped.

Robin Hobb – Het lot van de moordenaar

English title: Assassin’s Fate (Fitz and the Fool 3)

Bought or gifted: Bought. Robin Hobb is my favourite fantasy writer and it has only recently come to my attention that the final instalment of this trilogy has been translated to Dutch. 

Why haven’t I read it yet? I suppose I was putting it off because I believe this is the last trilogy about FitzChivalry Farseer. 

Michel Faber – Het boek van wonderlijke dingen

English Title: The book of strange new things

Bought or gifted: Gifted. Got it from a fellow blogger at a meetup.

Why didn’t I read it yet? Admittedly, I only took it with me because I liked the cover. Not quite sure of the story though

Walter Moers – De Stad van Dromende Boeken

English title: The city of dreaming books

Bought or gifted: Gifted. Technically bought from a friend who moved abroad and sold all her books at bargain prices. This one came highly recommended.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I guess I just want to give it my full attention but of course there’s no perfect time for that.

Frank Herbert – Dune

Bought or gifted: Gifted. This was a christmas gift from my brother-in-law (also an avid book reader).

Why haven’t I read it yet? It’s a beautiful hardcover edition and consequently too heavy to bring on the train to work. I’ll have to make time to read it at home.

Isak Denisen – Seven Gothic tales

Bought or gifted: Bought. A second hand purchase at a garage sale.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I always envisioned myself reading this on a spooky halloween night or during the depths of winter. But of course, I never do. 

Jane Austen – Mansfield Park

Bought or gifted: Bought. I went through a Jane Austen phase and bought several of her books.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I’ve been reading this one recently. But I find it difficult to get through. I guess I’m not in the right mindset right now for an Austen novel.

Current reading status

Update January 2020

I’ve put aside Mansfield Park for now. I find it difficult to remember who is who in the story. Probably because I’ve been reading the novel on and off in the past few months.

My current read is Dune. Because it’s a hardcover, I won’t be lugging it around on my work commute and will have to read at home instead. I’m hoping this will force myself to set time aside at home to read.

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